Vikram Saraph

My name is Vikram Saraph and I am currently a software engineer at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. I have a PhD in Computer Science and Masters in mathematics from Brown University, and a bachelors degree in the same two fields from the University of Notre Dame. I was also a research scientist at Meta, where I studied how to scale training and inference of neural networks used in their mobile ads pipeline. I no longer publish much, but I am on Google scholar and DBLP.

I am originally a mathematician and that has been my passion for most of my life. These days, my technical interests are broadly in software engineering, and I am continuously learning best practices and how to build new things better and faster, but I have specific interests in building things that apply machine learning and homomorphic encryption, and for cybersecurity and tracking disinformation in social media.

I am very online and here's my LinkedIn account. I am on GitHub and I star lots of projects that I find interesting. I frequently write about random things that I tinker with or read about on Mastodon. I also microblog non-technically on Bluesky. I used to be active on Math SE when I did more math. My hobbies include hiking, traveling, doing puzzle hunts, playing board games, and reading. I also listen to a lot of music, am very into indie rock, and am trying to go to more concerts.